Win a free Galaxy S4 after an hour-long 'staring' contest

Imagine you could just walk away with a Samsung Galaxy S4, with almost no effort (relatively speaking), in just an hour. According to a report by Via, Samsung, in association with Swisscomm, ran a promotion by doing just that – offering you a free Galaxy S4.


The company, while promoting its flagship smartphone at the Zurich Main Station last week, set up a Galaxy S4 "stare down" station in the middle of the main station, where users had to stand for 60 minutes to get their very own Galaxy S4. What’s the catch, you might ask?

First, Samsung was showing off the S4's eye-tracking technology, which it calls “smart pause”. The challenge was to stare at the Galaxy S4 for 60 minutes straight, without looking away. And if you do look away, the smartphone will catch you. While that seemed simple enough, there was another catch. You have to stare at the S4 for the time span stated while dozens of distractions vied for your attention.

Samsung challenges users to a Galaxy S4 stare down (image credit: mediapoondi)

Samsung challenges users to a Galaxy S4 stare down (image credit: mediapoondi)



And these distractions weren’t your run-of-the-mill kind. Anything from barking police dogs to roaring motorcycles, burning hot dog stands, and bickering couples could be thrown your way. And these were just a few of the distractions that the company had planned.



Apart from giving away a Samsung Galaxy S4 to anyone who could complete the challenge, Samsung also offered huge discounts for people who managed to stare down the Galaxy S4 enough to warrant a pat on the back. The “smart pause” option, apart from knowing if you look away from the screen, also has a smart feature that lets it stop any on-screen video that may be playing when you look away.


According to Samsung, the competition will also be held in three other locations: Lucerne (Schwanenplatz) on May 28, Berne (Waisenhausplatz) on May 29 and Lausanne (Place de I’Europe) on May 30. While it is obvious that Samsung will do whatever it can to ensure that users can’t win, with the right grit and “focus” from participants, a lot of Galaxy S4s may find new owners in the coming days.

Published Date: May 28, 2013 18:28 PM | Updated Date: May 28, 2013 18:28 PM