Will We See Them in 2010?

As always we’re about to give you a serious lowdown on all the hottest games releasing this year (yeah yeah, we know we’re a bit late) but before we did that we thought we would take a look at some of the games that still don’t have a concrete release date.

Max Payne 3

We know Rockstar announced it last year but since then there’s been virtually no information to come out of their camp. Sure we’ve seen screenshots of the new, haggard and plumpish Max Payne but we don’t even have a trailer till date. Plus Rockstar aren’t exactly the most punctual developers on the planet delaying virtually all their major franchises significantly which really doesn’t instill us with confidence.

L.A. Noire

Conceptualized ages ago and officially announced only three years back, Australian developer Team Bondi’s noir thriller has been as elusive as can be. All we’ve seen of the game since the past three years is one single screenshot and tidbits of information like the fact that the game will be a thriller set in the 40s in Los Angeles. According to Rockstar they plan on divulging a good amount of information soon so let’s hope one of them is a concrete release date.

Doom 4

John Carmack acknowledged its existence in 2008 and also stated that it wouldn’t be a direct sequel to Doom 3 nor would it be a remake. Beyond that all we have are specs of information like the fact that it should boast of better multiplayer and that it would look better than id’s upcoming game RAGE.

Thief 4

Announced last year with nothing except for a stupid logo on a website Thief 4 is shrouded in mystery just like its lead character Garrett (that is if he still is in the sequel). Will it be in first person? Will it be in third person? Will it be a fusion of both like Thief 3? Your guess is as good as ours as of now.
Aliens: Colonial Marines

Long before Borderlands, developer Gearbox Software nailed the concept of a co-operative shooter down in the Aliens universe with Colonial Marines, a game that would take place after the events of Aliens 3 – the movie. However SEGA, the publisher that now owns the Aliens IP green lit the AVP game before this so now we’re left with squat.


It’s the end of the world once again and in a post apocalyptic scenario seen billions of times by now lies id Software’s latest game RAGE that places equal emphasis on racing and vehicular combat as it does on shooting. I think this is the first time id Software has gone in for an open world game and so far things are looking pretty sharp. The only disappointing news for PC gamers is the fact that the game will not utilize dedicated server support for the PC version.

Crysis 2

With Crysis 2 the action now moves from one jungle to another as the action shifts to New York City. Details are a bit iffy as of now but Crytek (via a German magazine) has said that the sequel would still be as open ended as the first one and the protagonist would be able to tackle any given situation in a stealthy way or our favorite, balls-to-the-wall method. Oh and the good news is that the game will be out on consoles as well.

Deus Ex 3

Fans were overjoyed by the announcement of Deus Ex 3 but the excitement soon turned to skeptism as the game sounded far more action oriented than they would have liked with a regenerating health system and a cover system that when used would shift the action from a first person to a third person perspective. Besides a few renders and a teaser trailer we have pretty much nothing to go on leaving us very doubtful that the game will see the light of day this year.

Duke Nukem Forever

WHAT! A guy can hope can’t he?

Published Date: Feb 06, 2010 09:58 am | Updated Date: Feb 06, 2010 09:58 am