Will the WP7 Mango Update come out this year?

We all know about the WP7 update, which was intended to make things easier for future updates, causing some real trouble for Omnia 7 users. Now the Windows Phone 7 updates are in the news again, albeit for a different reason.

In ze news again

In ze news again



Remember the Mango update we talked about a while back? Yeah, the one that was supposed to bring in HTML 5 support, Internet Explorer 9, multi-tasking a whole bunch of other things. Well, it looks like there are conflicting reports coming from people with “inside sources”, with Windows IT Pro’s Paul Thurrot claiming the update won’t make it this year, and ZDnet’s Mary Jo Foley saying she’s heard it’ll be out by fall latest.

Who do we believe? Even if I do tell you what seems more credible, should you believe me? The only thing all of us can believe right now is that all we can do is wait and watch. Again.

Published Date: Mar 07, 2011 06:15 pm | Updated Date: Mar 07, 2011 06:15 pm