Will the iPad 2 Shipment be delayed?

I just read on Bloomberg that the iPad 2’s release may be delayed from April to June. While this possibly doesn’t concern us poor gadget geeks in India too much, I’m sure the rest of the world’s Apple fanboys will definitely be quite disappointed. The delay is apparently because Apple made some design changes just before the Chinese New Year. Because of this, manufacturers, Hon Hai Precision industry Co. will definitely see a delay in production of the much awaited iPad 2. An Apple spokesperson was approached for a quote on the matter, but declined, and a Hon Hai spokesman who was contacted did not respond.

Will its sibling arrive later than expected?

Will its sibling arrive later than expected?


Apple is probably already under a lot of pressure, as plenty of other companies are busy launching Android based tablets by the dozen. Apple has sold over 15 million Pads till date, and this tablet has accounted for around 17% sales in the last quarter. However, this delay could drastically impact the number of tablets to be shipped, and could go down from the expected 30.6 million to 23 million. Wow! That’s quite a drop.

Like I said before, this probably doesn’t concern us, here in India, as the original iPad was only just launched. However, it would definitely be a pleasant surprise if Apple did decide to launch the iPad 2 in India when they give it to the rest of the world.

Published Date: Feb 22, 2011 03:23 pm | Updated Date: Feb 22, 2011 03:23 pm