Why The iPad Won't Work for India

Websites and blogs have been quite busy the last couple of days and are still filing stories on Apple’s tablet the ‘iPad’. Quite a few of the rumors and apparent leaks that came before the unveiling were wrong so the device came as quite a ‘surprise’ to the technology community. Unfortunately for Apple, not in a good way. Like the iPhone before it, there’s a certain uncertainty, for lack of a better term, about how and where the device is going to be beneficial. The mobile computing community seems to be generically enraged by Apple’s choice of features.

To understand the device a little better in this respect, let’s look at it from the Indian perspective, after all we’re as tech savvy as the next country and are always open to new technology. But here’s why Apple would find it quite hard to sell the iPad in India -

The Cons -

  • 3G technology still seems like quite far ahead into the future and the micro SIM isn’t even here yet. So we can stick to Wi-Fi of course but hot spots still aren’t very easy to come by.
  • The iPad also doesn’t support tethering so it’s not like you can connect your iPhone or other handset to the device to use EDGE or GPRS.
  • In this country we love cameras. Taking pictures is a big deal. If an expensive handset like the iPhone could incorporate a 2MP camera, why isn’t this one equipped with one.