WhisperMonitor, an App to Stop Location Tracking

The Location Tracking saga has been a long drawn one. From its initial discovery to the eventual court cases, the back and forth by manufacturers and developers and the news of a ‘fix’ by Apple.

No more tracking...

No more tracking...



While it appears to be all fine and dandy at Apple’s end, Android users have no such fix for their problems. Google has already stated that the location tracking is completely optional and is and ‘opt-in’ for its users. Luckily, now Android users have an App which will stop location tracking in its ‘tracks’.


The App, dubbed WhisperMonitor, gives Android users control over what their installed apps are doing. According to the website, “WhisperMonitor provides a software firewall capable of dynamic egress filtering and real-time connection monitoring, giving you control over where your data is going and what your apps are doing”. It also helps the user understand how the data is being collected by the apps and how it sends the data back to phone-manufacturers.


Moxie Marlinspike, one of the founders of WhisperMonitor, also said in a tweet that the company plans to release application programming interfaces (APIs) so that others can build products on top of WhisperCore (which allows users to encrypt its data). Those who want to check out WhisperMonitor and the other apps on offer can do so by clicking here.

Published Date: May 09, 2011 11:12 pm | Updated Date: May 09, 2011 11:12 pm