When haircut threatened to overshadow Mars landing

A NASA technician's haircut has become an instant hit on internet and overshadowed the Mars landing of the Curiosity rover, Daily Mail reported.Bobak Ferdowsi became an internet sensation as viewers became captivated by his red-tinged mohawk haircut, the yellow stars dyed above his ears, and his big beaming smile following the landing of Curiosity.


Mars rover landing

Mars rover landing




Within minutes, satirical posters went up online, his name began trending on Twitter, and tributes and even artwork flooded in to celebrate his new instant celebrity.Bobak acknowledged his new-found fame and said he changes his hair for every mission.Tumbler, a website dedicated to "internet memes" - of quick cultural phenomenon which, thanks to internet, explode overnight, already has a "Bobak" page, as users submit graphics and jokes based around NASA's brightest star, the newspaper said Tuesday.


The rover, which landed on Mars Monday, will beam high-definition footage back to the Earth, while scanning the Red Planet in a bid to find evidence of microscopic life.



Published Date: Aug 07, 2012 06:36 pm | Updated Date: Aug 07, 2012 06:36 pm