WhatsApp Messenger records 10bn messages in a day

WhatsApp Messenger, the popular U.S.-based startup, managed to record 10 billion messages in one day - comprising 6 billion outbound messages and 4 billion inbound messages. The company tweeted about its feat on its official handle; it wrote, "new daily record: 4B inbound, 6B outbound = 10B total messages a day! #freebsd #erlang". Speaking of the difference in the number of outbound and inbound messages, the company attributed it to group chats.


WhatsApp Messenger, a popular mobile messaging service for smartphone users, is available across a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, among others. 


Whatsapp Messenger sends more that 10 billion messages in a day



India, too has a large community of WhatsApp users, and even as you're reading this, the nation is amidst a ban on sending bulk SMS and MMS. Services like WhatsApp Messenger is being viewed as an alternative to send unlimited SMSes, in light of the ban on bulk SMS. However, again the benefits of such services would apply only to those users who own a smartphone. 


WhatsApp has already denied that it is a threat to telephone carriers and the money that they earn from SMS messages. Instead, its co-founder, Brian Acton, said in an interview that WhatsApp was helping carriers move their customers to data packages that would, in the long term, prove more profitable. "I view it from the perspective that we're facilitating a broad movement to data plans and the entities that provide those plans are the carriers, so they stand to benefit quite substantially," he said. "It's all about the data."


Meanwhile, in what comes as a breath of fresh air to harried users, the government has lifted the cap on the maximum limit on bulk SMS from five to 20 with immediate effect. Reports confirmed that according to the Ministry of Communications, the permissible limit of bulk SMS/MMS has been raised to 20 in place of five.


The ban had been imposed against the backdrop of the exodus of northeastern people from cities like Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad following a tide of rumours that they would be attacked. Rumours were being spread through SMS/ MMS that people from the northeast region would be attacked after Eid on Aug 20 to avenge the recent ethnic violence in Assam, in which more than 74 people were killed. The rumours caused thousands of students and workers from the northeastern states to flee to Guwahati from Bangalore by special trains.

Published Date: Aug 25, 2012 06:16 pm | Updated Date: Aug 25, 2012 06:16 pm