What's the deal with VirginMANGO.com, the latest online mega mart?

If one of your local tabloids has been smelling like mangoes, an advertisement for VirginMANGO.com is to be blamed. In an effort to make its advertisement more endearing, the new online shopping portal has decided to make your newspapers smell like mangoes.


While we understand the need for a catchy advertisement, we can't fathom the name “VirginMANGO" and so decided to do a little digging. The company’s LinkedIn profile claims that Virgin Mango has been in indirect retail since 1995, and the online portal was conceived in September last year. It was also followed by a VirginMANGO blog. However, most of us never heard about it until now.

Can you smell the Virgin MANGO

Can you smell the Virgin MANGO


VirginMANGO calls itself an authentic online mega mart and also allows you to shop by phone. VirginMANGO has a large number of product categories: Mobile & Accessories, Electronics, Home & Kitchen Appliances, Jewellery, Personal Care Appliances, Perfumes & Deodorants, Camera & Accessories, Computers & Accessories and Watches & Sunglasses. Basically, it brings a complete conventional store with just about everything under one roof.

It has also put up some cool discounts. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is selling for Rs 20,349 and the Nokia Lumia 520 for Rs 9,889. The phones section has popular smartphones such as the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S III and Xperia Z. There are also a handful of television sets and home theatre systems, and cameras from Nikon, Sony Fujifilm and more.


VirginMANGO is based in Mumbai and delivers to major cities across the country. It comes across as a usual online shopping site, but we haven't yet tested how efficient it is at delivering goods.

The online shopping space is expanding and the most important aspect seems to be gaining consumers' trust as there are a lot of malicious and fake sites that dupe people of their hard-earned cash. In India, we are trying to move past the nascent e-commerce stage. Over the years, we have seen an increasing number of people getting comfortable with shopping online and not fretting over online transactions.


A report compiled by Google India and TNS points out an exponential growth in interest in online shopping by Indians (as per data recorded on Google Trends). The report reveals that online shopping in India saw 128 percent growth in the period between 2011-12, compared to only 40 percent growth the previous year. Google India MD and VP, Rajan Anandan, said, "We expect '13 to be a strong growth year for players who're focused on categories like apparels & accessories, baby products, home furnishings and health-nutrition."