West Bengal CID initiates a Facebook awareness campaign on the Blue Whale game

The West Bengal CID has started an awareness programme in the social network on the controversial Blue Whale online game, which is causing trouble for a growing number of teenagers. An awareness video on the controversial online game which requires participants to do daring tasks over a period of 50 days which ends with his death, has been posted by West Bengal CID on its official Facebook wall.

Representative Image

Representative Image

"We want to sensitise the people and are trying to increase the awareness levels of everybody - including parents, teachers and almost everyone. The video has been uploaded so that people can understand the hidden agenda of the game," a senior CID official told PTI.

The CID had "saved" an engineering student from falling prey to the controversial online game after receiving a call from the registrar of the institution, he said. The boy's behaviour had become suspicious and the concerned registrar suspected that he might be involved in the Blue Whale game. "An officer from the CID cyber cell section with the help of the registrar reached out to the student pretending to be an online friend and started counselling him through video calls. Eventually the student agreed to withdraw from the game," he said.

The student had admitted that he had taken up the Blue Whale Challenge and had reached its eighth level, the officer added. Kolkata Police has already made videos to create awareness on the issue and guidelines for parents and teenagers in order to help them counter the ill-effect of the online game.

Published Date: Aug 28, 2017 18:15 PM | Updated Date: Aug 28, 2017 18:15 PM