WD launches My Passport and My Passport Studio for the Mac

Using a regular plastic clad portable drive with a MacBook Pro is really unbecoming. WD realizes that and has launched the My Passport and My Passport Studio for the Mac. Encased in an aluminium housing to complement your MacBook, the drives are available in various capacities starting with 500GB and going all the way up to 1TB. Prices start from US $99.99 to $129.99 for the My Passport and $129.99 to $179.99 for the My Passport Studio.

WD My Passport

WD My Passport


The interface for both the drives is USB 2.0, but the My Passport Studio supports FireWire, as well. Another reason why you’re paying more for the Studio drive, is its ability to daisy chain additional drives with the additional FireWire port or you can even connect a peripheral like an HD camcorder. It also features an encryption and password protection mechanism for added security. The new all-metal design helps protect it from accidental drops and it's scratch-resistant, as well.

There’s no word on when it will launch in India, but given WD’s reach in our country, it shouldn’t be too long before we see these in the Apple stores.

Published Date: Sep 23, 2011 05:47 pm | Updated Date: Sep 23, 2011 05:47 pm