Watch Out Credit Card, Google Takes You Shopping Via

Watch out girls (and guys who are into it), Google's taking you shopping. Prepare your credit cards for a workout. Online shopping for clothes has always been a challenging area because you're playing dice with the way things fit and the exact colours and shades you're getting into. Google's algorithmized this whole process.

Create boutiques, go broke

They launched where users are able to build boutiques based on their personal styles. They're also able to look at boutiques made by fashion professionals, bloggers, designers etc to explore styles. Furthermore, Google's introduced advanced search filters to be able to find clothes, like filters by genre, silhouette, pattern, color families and sizes. The next part is the dangerous part, they've also added inspirational photos, where if you search for "yellow pumps", you'll see matching outfit ideas in the next window. Impulse buy alert! Similarly, they have a complete the look function, where if you buy, say a shirt, you can find other pieces of clothing and accessories to make an entire outfit. Is your credit card shaking yet? Finally, they have a visual search function, which algorithmizing must have been interesting for. Let's say you find a dress you really like, but not in a colour you like. Visual search allows you to look for similar dresses in the colour you want. also has an iPad application which allows you the browse on the go. Right now, the function is available only in the US and only for women's fashion but should roll over soon to India, or at least come in handy for the shopping trips people take to the US.

Published Date: Nov 18, 2010 01:16 pm | Updated Date: Nov 18, 2010 01:16 pm