Was Tim Cook's China visit regarding the next iPhone?

With rumours about the upcoming iPhone gathering a lot of steam, one would be inclined to think that any move by any Apple employee would be related to the handset. But what happens when the Apple member, in question is the current CEO himself and the move is a trip to China, the place where the iPhone are manufactured? Heads are bound to turn and rumours are definitely going to surface regarding Tim Cook’s China visit. As per a report by PCMag, Apple head honcho Tim Cook visited the Joy City Apple Store in Beijing and besides marveling at his brand's products, he interacted with employees. 

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Apple CEO visits China for unknown reasons


As per the report Apple’s China-based spokesperson Carolyn Wu informed the Wall Street Journal, “The CEO had great meetings with Chinese officials today. China is very important to us and we look forward to even greater investment and growth here.” The said Chinese officials have not been mentioned and in typical Apple fashion, the spokesperson was vague regarding details of Tim Cook’s visit. The report goes on to say that the reasons are aplenty as to why the CEO may have visited China and they state, “Apple launched the iPhone 4S on China Telecom earlier this month, marking the second carrier to support Apple's smartphone. Apple started selling the iPhone in China via China Unicom in November 2009. Back in August, there were reports that Cupertino had also inked a deal with China Mobile, but the carrier is now the only Chinese provider to not provide the iPhone. However, a China Mobile deal isn't outside the realm of possibility.” This indicates that Cook may want to finalize the deal and possibly launch their next iPhone with China Mobile as well.

Besides the above mentioned reasons, in recent times Proview Technology, a China-based firm has been seeking a blanket ban on all of Apple's iPads entering China. The company claims, and has the court convinced that they are the rightful owners of the name, iPad, in China. They have gone as far as to ask authorities to seize the tablets as well. This could be another possibility of Cook’s visit to China.