WarDevil Back From the Grave

A while back we reported that developer Ignition had terminated their third person action game WarDevil, sacking a huge amount of their London staff in the process. Now it seems the game is back from the dead with a brand new name and maybe even new gameplay.

Project Kane as it’s called now will apparently undergo a full-fledged makeover and may emerge from the shadows like Splinter cell did. In case you don’t remember, Splinter Cell Conviction too underwent a major overhaul before it was released this year. Sadly that overhaul didn’t do a whole lot of good for the game as was evident with our review.

Like Jesus, only less forgiving

Anyway here’s what Ignition’s chairman, Hassan Sadiq had to say about the whole deal, "There has been speculation recently about this project but our vision has always been to create top quality content both with internal and external partners and this latest commitment combines the best of the DNA behind the original project vision with some of the creative talent available in the broader industry. Outsourcing ensures flexibility and broader expertise that will dovetail perfectly with internal skill sets to speed up the process and ensure a title of true excellence."

Project Kane will be released sometime in 2011.

Via 1up

Published Date: Nov 20, 2010 11:40 am | Updated Date: Nov 20, 2010 11:40 am