Want to see your review featured on Tech2.com? Here's how...

Geeks, tech-heads and technology aficionados, we at tech2 always appreciate what you’ve got to say. So much so, that we’re letting you, our readers and forum members, be part of our merry band of writers.


Here’s the scoop - if you’ve got something to say about a product or service you’ve used or are currently using, then the tech2 Forums are a great place to list out and elaborate on your thoughts and experiences. Should your post be good enough and meets our standards, then you just might feature on Tech2.com with your very own User Review, byline and all.


We'll be going through the user reviews posted in our Reviews and Guides Board Section in the tech2 Forums, and be it Reviews, How Tos/DIYs/Tutorials or Hands-on posts, our team of reviewers will handpick a few posts each week to be carried on our main site. The more detailed, the better.

We want you're users reviews

We want your users reviews



From mobile handsets and games to audio systems and anything tech, you’ll have the opportunity to be featured on our site after we review your post. Should your post be selected to feature on tech2.com, we just might have a little something extra for you.


Articles will be selected on the basis of accuracy of information, product details, originality and overall writing prowess. Adding benchmark scores along with camera samples (for devices that have a camera, of course), images of the device, screen grabs, etc. will surely earn you more points and enhance your chances of getting picked. Do be sure to keep all the details of your article relevant; it should make for a good read. 


Please also be aware that the posts must be original and any plagiarism/copy-pasting of information from other sites is a strict no-no, and will lead to immediate disqualification.


So get to work, whip out those lab coats, head on over to our Forum's Reviews and Guides Board Section and start posting!

Published Date: Jul 11, 2012 06:16 pm | Updated Date: Jul 11, 2012 06:16 pm