Want to find Facebook friends on Path? Sorry, Facebook won't allow it anymore

Uh oh, private social network Path seems to be in a spot of trouble with Facebook. The social networking giant has confirmed that it has halted friend integration with Path, thanks to complaints about it sending out spammy messages to people a user might know as he signs up for the service.

Facebook’s social graph seemed to be missing from Path’s latest update last week. This lack of integration means that you will no longer be able to find your Facebook friends on Path. You will not be able to send out invites to your Facebook friends either.

Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that it has restricted Path’s API access. You can still log in to Path’s service using Facebook login and post onto your Timeline with the app but you will not be able to find friends using Facebook.

No more finding Faceook friends on Path

No more finding Faceook friends on Path


The restriction of API has come into being with Path’s automatic mass messaging that occurred when a user signed up with the service. Back in March, a Digital Marketer, Stephen Kenwright discovered that a lot of his contacts had received text notifications from Path when he joined it. This behaviour in the app was noted post an update it received in early March.

Facebook understandably was not amused with the spamming, pulling the friend-finding API soon enough. Facebook had earlier blocked access to its API for fledgling group messaging app MessageMe too. The reason was said to be that the app replicated too much of Facebook’s own messenger app.

Path too has not been a stranger to privacy issues. In February last year, Path found itself mired by controversy after it allegedly stole users’ address books. Exactly a year later, Path was embroiled in yet another privacy-related mess after it was revealed that the app had been geo-tagging images even after users had disabled location services.

Currently, if you sign up with Path, the only way you will be able to find friends within the app is if you use your own phone’s contacts, Twitter or Gmail. Facebook suspending Path’s access to its friends API is certainly going to come as a bit of a blow to Path, but given the private nature of the social network and the low cap on adding friends to a profile, it might give new users a chance to connect with only people they most care about.