Want Any iPhone App? Possible or Dreamscape? What is it?

We’ve been deluded by the likes of Hollywood and more so, Bollywood into thinking in outrageous terms where technology is concerned. Its ok I guess as it does allow our imaginations to run rampant sometimes and a wild imagination isn’t always a bad thing.

The iPhone is one of if not THE worlds greatest phenomenon’s when it comes to technology. Aside from the design, it’s the fantastically smooth operating system it’s the legions of applications that add quite a bit to an appeal. One might even say there’s an app for everything on the Apple iStore. But that’s not true is it? In a perfect world we could actually have an iPhone application for anything, even the impossible. In fact we decided to come up with a wish list of apps we want, of course some of them are quite unrealistic, but that’s just what this day and age has done to our imaginations.

Shayne’s Look2Future App – Don’t you wish you could see what’s coming before it does? Everyone does. The Look2Future app is simple; it allows you to get a glimpse of the immediate future (1 hour ahead) on the handset like a video. This would be great for those who constantly say or do the wrong things, it could also be called the PreventFootInMouth App.

Avinash’s Noise Cancellation App – For the daily commuter those pesky Chinese mobile handsets with the excessively loud speakers can get really REALLY annoying and so can overly loud people anywhere. The Noise Cancellation App is designed to auto-activate the when the iPhone is aimed at a person whose voice exceeds an acceptable decibel level and presto, instant ear bleeding. When it’s pointed at noisy handset it simply burns out the speakers with ultra high frequency radio waves.

Dushyant's Green2Go App – No one likes waiting in a traffic jam at annoyingly long signals. So what if you could make sure you never ever got a Red signal suing just your iPhone? The Green2Go App is designed to turn all red signal green so you’ll just need to activate the app and place the handset inside your vehicle facing the windscreen.

Published Date: Jul 03, 2010 10:24 am | Updated Date: Jul 03, 2010 10:24 am