Vuclip launches women-centric mobile video portal, 'Mira!'

Magazine stands always have a slew of women-centric magazines, and a new mobile portal tailored just for women depicts how we’ve been moving from paperbacks to electronic platforms. The new portal has been launched by Vuclip and is known as Mira!. Designed for new-age women, the mobile site includes content from different areas of interest like health, beauty, fashion and style tips, parenting, cooking recipes, career, entertainment, celeb-speak, astrology and more. According to Vuclip, the content on Mira! has been provided by 30 leading content providers across the world, including India.

Mira..the women-centric mobile portal...

Mira..the women-centric mobile portal...


Speaking at the launch, Delhi's Women Development Minister, Prof. Kiran Walia, said, “Studies show that the mobile phone has helped women feel safer, more independent and connected, and has opened new professional avenues and income sources for women. As India’s first mobile video channel for women, I hope that this initiative will help boost mobile adoption among women, and will encourage the creation of more women-oriented mobile content.”

At the event, Vuclip highlighted a report by the Cherie Blair Foundation and the GSMA Development Fund which stated that only 28 percent of Indian women had access to mobile phones, as compared to 40 percent of Indian men. The company also unveiled the findings of its global survey, which covers almost 40,000 women users from 176 nations, including 13,000 women from India. The survey reveals that 60 percent of the Indian women surveyed use their handsets as a primary source of entertainment and as many as 80 percent of the respondents acknowledged that there has been a steady increase in the time that one spends with their mobile phones. Besides watching movies and listening to music, Indian women also confirmed watching TV soaps, cute/funny videos, sports, home and lifestyle, news, celeb gossip and amazing/whacky videos on their mobile. Among the women who participated in the survey, women in the age group of 18-35 years comprised 65 percent of the Indian respondents, while 24 percent were under 18 years and another 11 percent were over 36 years of age.

Meera Chopra, Vuclip's Vice President Advertising in India, said that even as the adoption of mobile among women grows in India, it is encouraging to note that mobile is already becoming a woman's preferred source for content. “While 37% women from India reported that they spend more than one hour daily on TV, print or radio media, a close 32% women reported that they spend over an hour to access mobile content every day. Currently, women constitute only 14% of the total 11 million users on Vuclip in India. We hope that by the end of this year, Mira! will help Vuclip double its existing 1.54 million women users in India. Already, Mira! provides you access to thousands of videos on yoga, aerobics and fitness, fashion and style, hobbies and pets, food and cookery, Bollywood, popular TV shows, animated stories, cartoons and rhymes for children, as well as devotional and astrology-related content, all on your personal mobile screen," she added.

Published Date: Jul 14, 2012 01:03 pm | Updated Date: Jul 14, 2012 01:03 pm