Vodafone offers reallocation services to its customers in India

Vodafone has announced hassle-free services to their customers moving from one state to another. All postpaid users will continue to avail of the same benefits of their earlier connection, even if they move to a new state, as per a report by The Economic Times. This will negate the worries of all those who're moving into a newer state, as now they wouldn’t have to give up their plan that they are accustomed to, and make a seamless move to other state with the services intact. The customized service by Vodafone enables their customers moving to another state to keep the same bill plan, credit limit, billing itinerary and other factors, too.

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Customers who were enjoying special privileges like higher credit limits, billing details, etc. in their older location need to establish their credentials in their new location," said Sanjoy Mukerji, Vodafone India's Chief Commercial Officer. Such customers may find it difficult to search for the right plan on moving to newer states, and this service would completely come to the rescue of all those facing such a problem. Vodafone also simplifies how you go about this plan. All one needs to do is write to the telcos about the region they are relocating to and the company’s customer relation manager will disclose it to the team in the new relocation area, which will get in touch with the customer as he moves into the new region.

On collecting the necessary identity proof, Vodafone executives will allocate a new number, retain credit limit and also change the billing address. While mobile number portability is a convenient way to retain the number by changing service provider, it isn’t said to be applicable while moving to a new state. Moreover, this may help Vodafone retain its customers, looking into how stiff the mobile telecom war has been getting. Moreover, with Airtel being the first 4G service provider, 3G foothold may just get stronger.

Published Date: Apr 14, 2012 10:04 am | Updated Date: Apr 14, 2012 10:04 am