Vita sales surpass 1.2 million units worldwide

Contrary to early, disheartening reports, Sony’s latest handheld, the PlayStation Vita is actually doing quite well for itself. The Vita was off to a bit of a slow start in Japan where competition was stiff thanks to the 3DS but thanks to worldwide sales, this figure has now improved significantly.

Forbes is reporting that as of today, Sony has shipped more than 1.2 million units worldwide. More than 2 million Vita games have also been sold since the 17th of December 2011 which leads us to believe that there is still hope for the hardcore gaming platform.

Looks like everyone's warming up to the Vita

Looks like everyone's warming up to the Vita


Andrew House, president and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc says, "The market has responded and there is clear demand for a mobile device capable of providing a revolutionary combination of rich gaming and social connectivity within a real-world context. To sustain momentum, we're working closely with third-party developers and publishers to ensure the best games and franchises possible will be available on PS Vita, and our software line up for the remainder of 2012 will have something for everyone across the globe."

At this rate analysts are skeptical about a price drop which means Indian gamers will still have to hold off a purchase unless they’re willing to fork out a minimum of Rs. 20,000 on the Wi-Fi only model.


Published Date: Feb 29, 2012 09:26 am | Updated Date: Feb 29, 2012 09:26 am