Vines more shared on Twitter than Instagram images now

It’s Facebook versus Twitter on a whole new level now. While the two social networking giants will forever be involved in a battle against each other, their offsprings – Instagram and Vine – are now locking horns. 


News has emerged now that Vine has overtaken Instagram to become the most shared media on Twitter. On Friday night last week, there were more Vine videos shared on Twitter than there were Instagram images. 


According to Topsy Analytics, there were about 2.37 million links that led to shared on Twitter over a 24-hour period on Friday night, pretty much well over the 2.14 million links to This would be the first time Vine’s share of links on Twitter have surpassed those of Facebook-owned Instagram. 


Well, that escalated quickly

Well, that escalated quickly




No mere coincidence, since Vine has seen between 1,000,000 and 5,000,000 downloads on Android, in its first week of release. Twitter has really worked on making Vine an app that Android users hankered for after when it was an iOS-exclusive. 


Instagram’s steady decline on Twitter can also be attributed to a six-month long tiff that has been brewing between the two services, dating back to when Instagram was bought over by Facebook for a staggering $1 billion. Instagram had apparently disabled photo-integration with Twitter since it wanted users to try and view images on Instagram’s own website. It was also trying to push the newly-launched web-profiles for users on Instagram.


Twitter too ended up halting card-support to Instagram. Previously, when a Twitter user tweeted an Instagram photo, you merely needed to click on the tweet to pull down a drawer that displayed the picture then and there. With the pulling of card support, users wanting to view a tweeted Instagram image have to click on the link that takes them to the photo-sharing application’s website.


Vine, on the other hand, is still seeing card support as it belongs to Twitter itself. The ease of access and the ability to view media without having to exit a website could be tilting the balance in Vine’s favour and Twitter is undoubtedly overjoyed with the results.

Published Date: Jun 09, 2013 11:16 am | Updated Date: Jun 09, 2013 11:16 am