Vine for Android update brings cache clear option and Facebook integration

Ever wonder how Vine videos (see our review) play in a loop without stuttering (well, after the first time). The app needs to first download the 6-second video and store it in the phone’s cache to quickly access it and play it natively. That’s how you get stutter-free video. So naturally, if you use the app a lot, every video is stored in your cache (unless the app sets a cache limit) and eventually the app starts hogging space on your phone. In Vine’s case, there was no limit set.

Of course, you can just head into app settings and scroll down to Vine, tap and then tap the big clear cache button. Or you could just get today’s update for Vine and do it right from the app.

Finally you can clear cache from within the app

Finally, you can clear cache from within the app


Vine for Android received its first major update and it thankfully brings a clear cache option to the settings within the app. This is especially a boon if you use Vine a lot, or have a phone with limited memory. This after users of the app reported the app storing in excess of a gigabyte of data. See this Reddit thread for examples and how the app’s co-founder talked about fixing it.

In addition, the app also brings integration for Facebook, alongside the already existing Twitter tie-up. You can now search for users and hashtags. It also reportedly brings some fix for the audio sync issue, besides other performance and bug fixes. Many of these were already present in the iOS app.

Let’s hope Vine has some more features planned for the future, especially after the early success of Instagram’s video feature. Grab the update here.

Published Date: Jun 22, 2013 04:34 pm | Updated Date: Jun 22, 2013 04:34 pm