ViewSonic launches ultraportable LED projectors in India

ViewSonic has launched two ultraportable and energy-efficient LED projectors - PLED-W500 and PLED-W200. Both projectors have been designed to offer utmost portability. These ultrathin LED projectors sport an innovative new look and energy-efficient LED lamps with 20,000 hours ( PLED-W500) and 30,000-hour (PLED-W200) lifespan. 0-second power-on and power-off enables quick presentation and one does not have to wait for the projector to cool down. They also come with support for 3D technology with 120Hz frame rates and capability of projecting 33-40-inch screens from a distance of 1m. Then, these projectors come with versatile USB connectivity, built-in Microsoft Office/PDF viewer and SD/SDHC card reader that can display documents and play multimedia files without the need for a PC. The PLED-W500 and PLED-W200 projectors are priced at INR61,000 and INR44,000, respectively.

For utmost portability...

For utmost portability...


The PLED-W500 sports a stylish look with piano-black mirrored surface and geometric inset buttons. The compact projector measures 214 x 164 x 42 mm and weighs only 1.18 kg. The feature set is inclusive of 500 ANSI lumens, which is superior in the LED pocket projector category, 20,000 hours of brightness for energy and cost savings. The 1.4:1 short throw ratio is capable of projecting 33-inch screen from a 1 m distance with high native WXGA resolution and the 2GB of onboard memory allows storing documents and multimedia files. It also has support for HDMI 1.3 and can display smooth 3D video with a 120Hz refresh rate.
The PLED-W200 is a pocket sized projector aimed at users looking for a highly portable projector. The device measures 130 x 126 x 32 mm and weighs only 420 g. It features an LED light source with 250 ANSI lumens that lasts 30,000 hours. Some other features, include built-in 32 GB SD/SDHC card reader, Microsoft Office/PDF viewer and dual-integrated 2W speakers. The PLED-W200 has a 1.16:1 short throw ratio that can project a 40-inch screen from a 1m distance with high native WXGA resolution.

The ultraportable LED projector transforms the projector from a cumbersome gadget to an incredibly lightweight, compact device that can be carried anywhere to meet all your projection needs,” said Mr. Kuldeep Ramaiya, Country Manager, India. “With their high-brightness, long-life lamps, the ultraportable LED projectors are superior to others in the same class.”

These projectors have been developed with Texas Instruments’ high performance DPP6401 image processing chip. Earlier this month, 3M had also launched its new MP410 palm-sized wireless projector. 3M’s this palm-sized projector features an impressive 20,000 hour LED life, a brightness level of 300-lumen and HD-image output of up-to -100 inches diagonally. Measuring four inches in width and length and less than two inches in height, MP410 came equipped with a VGA cable for quick and easy connection to laptops and netbooks, as well as a USB cable for file transfer to utilize the 1GB onboard memory. Additionally, it allows consumers can buy an optional USB Wi-Fi dongle using which the MP410 can wirelessly project documents.