Videos Can Now Be Transferred to YouTube Directly: Google

Google’s bracing itself to close the shutters on its video viewing service, Google Video. As per our reports last week, Google confirmed the date to be the 29th of this month, and users would have time till the May 13th to download all their videos, unless they wish to lose it forever.

Parting gift?

Parting gift? (Image courtesy:



Google, however, has over the week, changed its mind about this. It now plans to make serious amendments to its Google video farewell plans. It has not only scratched off the April 29th, 2011 deadline, completely but also, devised an ingenious way to enable users to directly transfer their videos from Google to YouTube. Currently, the service has an “Upload Videos to YouTube” update to it, using which it’s easier to transfer videos from a Google video account to the YouTube account.

However, users preferring to download their videos from Google Videos itself can still do so. Google’s Webmaster Blog now holds a detailed note explaining the users the updated plans of the search giant to make video-viewing an experience to remember.


Source: Mashable

Published Date: Apr 25, 2011 10:18 am | Updated Date: Apr 25, 2011 10:18 am