Video shows supposed back panel of the Apple iPhone 5

Just over a week ago, a major leak had surfaced with regards to the next iPhone aka iPhone 5. In The leak revealed images that showed what the next iPhone would look like. Close on the heels of the leak, a video has surfaced showing the same back panel, and the design of the back panel matches up with the leaked image that surfaced earlier.



A report by CydiaBlog, who have obtained the video via eTradeSupply point out to a variety of changes one can expect to feature on the upcoming iPhone. The screen size of the iPhone has remained the same, since it was first launched and from the video we can see that with the sixth generation device, Apple will increase the size of the display to 4-inch diagonally. While the width will not change, the brand will raise the height, thereby giving it an aspect ratio of 1136 x 640.

If this is in fact the back panel of the next iPhone, then it will be significantly thinner in comparison to the iPhone 4S. Though from the video the actual depth of the smartphone cannot be gauged, rumours are indicating that it will measure 7.9mm, down from 9.3mm of the current generation iPhone. The report goes on to state, “The leaked part is neither a battery door nor a middle plate. It is a single integrated part! The iPhone 5 back plate is one piece anchored by an aluminum alloy. Major design changes in the upcoming iPhone.

Other major changes, include the relocation of the headphone jack from the top to the bottom, the redesigned speaker grille and the connector dock. Another noteworthy mention is that the SIM tray is a lot smaller on the chassis that was shot in the video and when placed in the SIM slot of the iPhone 4/ 4S, it did not exactly fit. If these leaked images are in fact the back and front plates of the iPhone 5, then we can expect the front facing FaceTime camera to be moved above the earpiece in a centralized position, rather than to the side, which is currently found on the iPhone 4 and 4S.

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Published Date: Jun 08, 2012 03:45 pm | Updated Date: Jun 08, 2012 03:45 pm