Video of Huawei Windows Phone 8 Ascend W1 emerges

The Huawei Ascend W1 has made numerous appearances online in leaked images. An official image had made its way online prior to Microsoft’s launch of the Windows Phone 8. The handset has made its appearance once more and this time around it is featured in a short video clip.


The video contains no real description of the handset but it does show the upcoming smartphone in all its glory. The video shows the handset’s Live Tiles and the list of apps it is running. The video had been recorded by Greek website Techblog, which opens the back panel of the handset and show the battery as well. Overall, based on our initial impressions, this handset is not bad-looking.

The website also states that the handset, once launched, would not exceed $200 and this would translate to roughly Rs 11,000. However, if Huawei does intend to launch the handset in India, one can expect it to be priced a bit higher, taking into consideration all the additional taxes that will be levied on it.

With HTC, Samsung, and Nokia having unveiled their Windows Phone 8 devices, another brand that was expected to showcase its Windows Phone 8 handset from the onset was Huawei. However, when Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 8 platform, Huawei was a notable absentee. It now appears that the wait for the Huawei Windows Phone 8 handset called the Ascend W1 will prolong a little more. A recent report states that the handset will be released at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 in January.

As for the specifications, the W1 sports a 4-inch WVGA display, 5-megapixel rear camera, VGA front-facing camera, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, 4GB internal memory, and a 2,000mAh battery. Visually, the phone bears a resemblance to HTC’s Windows Phone 8X, while the specifications point to it being closer to the mid-end 8S.

Huawei, for its part, has announced that it is expanding its relationship with Microsoft for the creation of the brand’s first Windows Phone handset. A part of the Huawei Ascend family, the Ascend with Windows Phone 8 expands the company's smartphone portfolio and aims to bring the Windows Phone operating system to an even bigger audience.

A recent report suggested that Huawei may have more than one Windows Phone 8 handset up its sleeve. Images of a handset are doing the rounds, which indicate that the company is working on a smartphone called the Ascend W2. This is expected to be a high-end model. Our report states, “The W2 seems to be Huawei’s flagship WP8 handset. It certainly looks high-end, and we can see it has an 8MP rear camera with dual LED flash. Unfortunately, the rest of its features are not known. But I assume the display is an HD one, and its processor a dual core unit.”

Upon closer inspection of the leaked image, we can see that the smartphone features a 4.5-inch display, and measures 132 x 67 x 10mm. From the image, we can also see that it is LTE-capable, as the indicator at the top displays the 4G logo. What is baffling is the name on the Tile - it displays Ascend W3, and not W2 as the website indicates.

Published Date: Nov 23, 2012 11:50 AM | Updated Date: Nov 23, 2012 11:50 AM