Video of Gates and Zuckerberg talking about coding goes viral

It isn’t exactly Harlem Shake, but the latest video to go viral on YouTube has Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg explaining the importance of coding. Within just two days of being online, the video has garnered over five million views on YouTube. The sudden popularity has resulted in increased donation to the organisation that commissioned the video, Code.orga non-profit foundation that is dedicated to growing computer programming education.


The aim behind the short film is to encourage kids to learn computer programming. The video is about ten minutes long and is a combination of animated characters and eminent personalities sharing their experiences as coders. Apart from Gates and Zuckerberg, people appearing in the video include Jack Dorsey (creator of Twitter), Drew Houston (founder Dropbox), (Musician/The Black Eyed Peas and Entrepreneur), and a basketball star who coded in college.

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What works in the video's favor is the fact that it doesn’t contain technical jargon and instead emphasises on the fact that you don’t have to be a geek or a genius. It has managed to do so by having the speakers share their experiences, the joys of coding, and even the lines of code they wrote. The video tries to drive home the point that coding isn’t just a flash of brilliance, but a collaborative team effort in a stimulating environment.



Zuckerberg, who happens to be one of the youngest millionaires today, debunks the myth that you need to amass a vast amount of knowledge to be able to write codes. He says you need to start small. What the video also highlights is the fact that computers are involved in almost every field, which means that there is a growing demand for people who can code.


The video also leaves the audience with the glimpse of the lives led by the coders. Thanks to the great demand, companies ensure that the coders have a fun work environment and perks, right from free food to laundry services, recreational areas, open spaces and much more.

Published Date: Mar 01, 2013 08:32 pm | Updated Date: Mar 01, 2013 08:32 pm