Video gives first look at Dead Island: Riptide gameplay

A gameplay video of Dead Island: Riptide has popped, courtesy of IGN. The video gives us our first look at the gameplay of the sequel to the tropical island-based zombie-themed FPS.

The video shows a mission featuring hub-defence. The player can scavenge around places, like a crashed helicopter as shown in the video, for some weapons, which can then be brought back to their base to defend against incoming waves of zombies.

Going by the video, though, turrets found by scavenging can only be placed on specific places. This could feel limiting when your face is being chewed off by zombies. Players also have the option to use mines as a defence against the onslaught of zombies.

Another new addition the game will be boats. Boats seem to be the only method of traversal in some parts of the island, following a monsoon. The boats can be boarded by more than one player at a time and can consist of one player manning the motor while the other uses a turret.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the game is getting a collector's edition, which has been dubbed as the Dead Island: Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition. It is available for pre-order for $79.99, which translates to approximately Rs 4,300.

Must escape

Must escape!


It includes zombie-themed collectibles and DLC. The DLC is the same as that from the limited edition, and has weapon mods and skins, among other things. The extra goodies in the collector's edition include a suitcase modelled after an in-game item from the first game, a zombie hula girl figurine, a bottle opener and magnet in the shape of a zombie arm, and a keychain.

More information on the sequel to Dead Island was revealed in early December through PlayStation Magazine’s interview of Creative Producer Anthony Cardahi. One of the newest and biggest features in the game, according to Cardahi, is the new 'defence hubs areas'. “They introduce something that is a classic zombie trope that you see in a lot of movies, where survivors fortify a location and try to hold on as long as they can,” he explains. This entails building barricades and generally not dying. Teamwork will undoubtedly be important if you plan to play online. “It’s something that makes complete sense in the world of Dead Island,” he says.

Water also has newfound importance in the game, as the monsoon that was mentioned in the first game has finally hit. This means a lot of areas are going to be flooded, which opens up possibilities for new zombie-murdering scenarios on boats. The new weather system also allows the devs to play with the atmosphere of the game thanks to a new lighting system. Weather will play a huge role and will sometimes obscure your visibility thanks to torrential rainfall.

Guns are also going to see a change in the game. “The ranged combat in the original was only pushed during the middle and latter stages of the game, and ammo was really sparse," explains Cardahi. “As such, most of the tweaking and balance time was focused on the melee combat and not so much on the shooting." This will be fixed by putting ranged weapons and ammo into the early stages of the next game. This, coupled with the new shooting system, is set to make gunplay a lot more fun and headshots a lot more dangerous.

Dead Island: Riptide comes out on April 26 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Published Date: Jan 24, 2013 04:45 pm | Updated Date: Jan 24, 2013 04:45 pm