Verious launches market for app components

So far there have been app markets where mobile device and desktop users can buy applications for their computers, phones and tablets. Now, Verious is taking the idea of an app market and making it a little different. They're launching a market for application components. What's up for sale are things like SDKs (software development kits), open source code, libraries and third party services that particularly cater to developers. However, the market is not just about creating a center for app developers to go shopping, it's also a way for developers to sell their components through a copy protecting licensing system.

The first app component market

The first app component market



The goal of such a market is to help developers have access to the components they need for their apps, but don't necessarily have the time or ability to create them. Verious, as part of their research, spoke to thousands of developers who compiled lists of 1,000 components along with $1,00,000 of component requests. This is an indication that such a market is a required service. Along with 'discovering' components, app developers will also get a 30 day free trial period to test components.


The site has a patent pending License Manager, which allows sellers to enforce different licensing models including annual fees, perpetual fees, source code buyout and more. Verious will charge 20-40 percent commission on components, a referral fee for premier partner listings and revenue share for server side partners. When it launches, Verious will initially support iOS and Android platforms, but will expand soon after.

Published Date: Sep 13, 2011 12:10 pm | Updated Date: Sep 13, 2011 12:10 pm