Valve to Release Left4Dead 2 DLC this Month

Last week during their bitching summer sale, Valve announced that if over 20,000 players finished the Cold Stream beta campaign, they would release a remake of Dead Air earlier for the PC. Not only was that figure easily achieved in a span of 24 hours, but according to Joystiq, the achievement earned for completing the beta was earned 60,774 times. Now that’s dedication.

Long road out of hell

Long road out of hell


Valve hasn’t locked down on a particular date, but it seems they’ll be releasing this update by the 22nd of this month. In case you haven’t tried the level out yet, I strongly suggest you do. It’s tons of fun and will push your survival skills to the limit.

When the Dead Air campaign is finally released for Left 4 Dead 2, it will ship with two more remade L4D1 maps in addition to a community made campaign. And we can’t wait for more zombie genocide.


Published Date: Jul 12, 2011 11:33 am | Updated Date: Jul 12, 2011 11:33 am