Using Vine? Here's how to get your vanity URL

Twitter and Vine’s about to make the festive season a little more fun. Starting today, the micro-blogging website will allow Vine users to stake their claim on vanity URLs for their profiles.

Starting around 10:30PM IST tonight, users will be able to start claiming their vanity URLs. However, the December 20 kick-off is only for people lucky enough to have verified Twitter profiles. The rest of us mere mortals will have to start racing to get their URLs on December 23.

Vanity URLs are coming

Vanity URLs are coming


Twitter made the announcement in an email to a select few journalists, says The Next Web. It looks like once the verified profile rush dies down, it will be making a more public announcement for these vanity profiles. As far as verified profiles go, Twitter will automatically be reserving vanity URLs to match their Twitter @usernames. However, the users or organisations will still have to go and claim the profile actively.

Essentially, these vanity profiles will read “” kind of like you have with Twitter currently. Currently, Vine users do not have a profile page that can be accessed using the web. You still can view Vines on the web, but you need to have the URL, directing you to the video.

Rival Instagram added this feature last year. So when you are on Instagram's web interface, along with the username of a friend, you will be able to view all their images and videos and even like and comment on them. With vanity URLs coming up for Vine, it may soon be possible to do the same for the six-second video sharing service.

Published Date: Dec 20, 2013 03:44 pm | Updated Date: Dec 20, 2013 03:44 pm