Userful Corp Introduces the $59 Linux Desktop Computer

Userful Corporation, one of the global leaders in Linux desktop virtualization, has just released a application which allows you to turn a standard Linux computer into eleven different high-performance machines. This is done by using standard USB devices like the HP T100, Wyse E01, MCT MWS 8820 and DisplayLink devices.

The Userful Multiseat 4.0

The Userful Multiseat allows organizations to quickly deploy large numbers of computer stations for a very low cost - whether in the classroom, office, call center, oil field, hospital, library, military base, hotel, internet cafe, or anywhere else multiple computers in close proximity are needed.

The MultiSeat software allows each user to control his or her own station and applications. The entire process is simply Plug and Play; you plug in the USB MultiSeat devices into the host PC, plug in a monitor, keyboard, and mouse into each USB MultiSeat device, install the Userful software, and the system is ready to support multiple users using different applications at the same time from one computer - each with their own monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

The software is quite useful in the school environment, so Userful MultiSeat is also available as part of a software bundle for schools, called Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011. This all-in-one install DVD is a Linux based software bundle that includes a wide variety of no-cost applications such as Edubuntu operating system, iTALC classroom computer management tool, office suite, Firefox web browser, subject based applications for astronomy, chemistry, languages, mathematics, planning, and more. Priced at $59 (educational pricing), the Userful MultiSeat software is the lowest cost computing solution available which provides you with the features and performance of a full-fledged desktop PC.

Userful offers any organization worldwide a 90-day licensing pilot to test drive their solution on 1 system. You can learn more about the Userful MultiSeat, and download the 90-day trial here.

Published Date: Dec 08, 2010 12:25 pm | Updated Date: Dec 08, 2010 12:25 pm