US Senate intelligence warns political candidates of possible Russian meddling in the forthcoming elections

The US senate intelligence committee has warned the political candidates to be vigilant during the forthcoming elections, since the Russian operatives are expected to be active in the upcoming elections as well.

Representational image. Agencies

Representational image. Agencies

In a report by the New York Times, the senate intelligence committee had held a press conference updating about its efforts to investigate the problem of Russia-based ads which were trending during the presidential campaign, last year.

Speaking of the presidential election the Republican of North Carolina and the committee’s chairman, Senator Richard M Burr said, “The Russian Intelligence service is determined, clever, and I recommend that every campaign and every official take this very seriously,”

The US intelligence clarified that in a bid to affect Hillary Clinton’s chances for the president’s position, it ended up helping Donald Trump instead. Moreover, since the social media platform was considered as a segment where the propaganda took place, the committee has said that Twitter, Facebook and Google were co-operating with the investigation and are expected to testify on 1 November.

The committee also said that it had begun examining more than 3,000 ads which were handed over by the Facebook.

He has also confirmed that the Russian interference has not affected the electoral vote and that the tallies have been same.

In the US, midterm elections are supposed to take place on 2018.

Recently, Twitter had disclosed on its blog that it had observed that up to 200 accounts were used to propagate the presidential agenda. These accounts were linked to Russia. In a corrective step, it has banned these accounts. Twitter had named a Russian media house, Russia Today, for having links to the Russian propaganda. It had promoted 1,823 tweets.

Twitter said, "These are not meant to be definitive solutions. We’ve been fighting against these issues for years, and as long as there are people trying to manipulate Twitter, we will be working hard to stop them."

Published Date: Oct 05, 2017 09:18 AM | Updated Date: Oct 05, 2017 09:18 AM