US Navy Launches MMOWGLI to Fight Somali Pirates

It is a scientific fact that playing video games help in increasing reaction times as well as boost your hand eye co-ordination and now thanks to the US Navy, it looks like all those countless hours playing Call Of Duty will now have a real life purpose.

The Office of Naval Research (ONR) is launching a new gaming platform in order to help combat Somali pirates. The platform, called ‘MMOWGLI’ or Massive Multiplayer Online WarGame Leveraging the Internet, will bring together over 1,000 military personnel and civilians which will help the Navy and US SEALs in coming up with suitable tactics to combat the pirate threat.

Jungle Book?

Jungle Book?


According to ONR’s director of Innovation, Dr. Larry Schuette, "MMOWGLI is an online game designed to find and collectively grow breakthrough ideas to some of the Navy's most complex problems--those 21st-century threats that demand new forms of collaboration and truly outlying ideas”.

He further added, “We hope MMOWGLI will help us to understand what happens when your insights are combined with the observations and actions of another player,” Schuette added. “Will that fusion result in a game-changing idea or solution, or will the MMOWGLI platform teach us something about our traditional thought processes?”

People participating in ‘MMOWGLI’, will play as members of an Anti-Pirate Task Force who have to secure shipping lanes and predict the likelyhood of a pirate attack. MMOWGLI is the first simulation of its kind which combines gaming with wargames and will release on the 16th of May, 2011.