US Army to Use Android Based Smartphones in Tactical Operations.

It seem that the US Army has a new friend to help them in combating the enemy and no, it’s not a new fangled Weapon or thermo-optic camouflage, but a rather innocent looking Smartphone which runs on Android.

The enemy has nowhere to hide

The enemy has nowhere to hide Image Source: US Army Blog


A posting on the US Army blog identifies the device as a "Joint Battle Command-Platform, or JBC-P Handheld, is the first developed under an Army effort to devise an Android-based smartphone framework and suite of applications for tactical operations. The government-owned framework, known as Mobile /Handheld Computing Environment, or CE, ensures that regardless of who develops them, applications will be secure and interoperable with existing mission command systems so information flows seamlessly across all echelons of the force”.
A development kit will also be released in July, which will allow third party developers to refine the Mission Command Apps which includes a suite of applications such as an address book and Open Office for viewing documents.  It will also be able to run on all versions of Android as well.

As of now, the Army is looking at different ways of making the device wearable for the soldiers, which could either be via a custom made shell or a government off the shell model.

Published Date: Apr 28, 2011 11:04 pm | Updated Date: Apr 28, 2011 11:04 pm