UPDATED: Google Corrects GFail, Should be Restored Soon

UPDATE: It looks like Google have gotten on top of the Google Mail outage that happened yesterday. The Google Blog reports that the issue was caused by a firmware glitch, and also adds that the total number of users affected was only 0.02%, and not 0.08% as was originally reported. The blog goes on to say that they've managed to identify the issue and have fixed it, and that everyone affected should have their accounts back soon.


In what could be a blow for those advocating cloud storage, Google Mail users today experienced something bizarre - their accounts were reset and they had lost all of the e-mail that was stored on their account, along with chat logs and the like. Some even reported seeing a welcome screen for first-time users when they logged in.

Epic Fail

Epic Fail



Google, credit to them, have responded swiftly. If you check their Apps Status Dashboard out, you’ll see they’re working on fixing the issue, as well as stopping any misinformation from spreading by giving out info periodically. This issue has apparently affected 0.08% of Gmail’s users, which still amounts to around 150,000 people which is a staggering number.

Anyway, we hope for a quick fix to this problem, and that anyone who lost what could be years upon years of communication get them back. Speaking of which, were you affected?

Published Date: Feb 28, 2011 10:44 am | Updated Date: Feb 28, 2011 10:44 am