Updated Android Market to get Paypal integration?

We’ve known that things haven’t been amicable between Paypal and Google over the latter’s mobile payment app, Google Wallet. PayPal had accused Google and two executives of stealing trade secrets. Astonishingly, a recent Android Market refreshed version leak shows Paypal integration, states an AndroidGuys report. So, should we believe that the rift over the mobile payment issues has simmered?

Leaked Paypal for updated Android Market(Image Credit: AndroidGuys)

Paypal for updated Android Market leaked (Image Credit: AndroidGuys)


According to AndroidPolice, an update to the new version 3.3.11 of Android Market is being rolled out. However, it also says that the update comes with certain glitches when used with Honeycomb tablets. Paypal was rumored to be a part of Android Market last year but the past events this year fizzled out that possibility. Nevertheless, for Android Paypal users it’s ‘better late than never.’

Published Date: Nov 03, 2011 01:21 pm | Updated Date: Nov 03, 2011 01:21 pm