UPDATE: Two 'Fake' Apple Stores Face Shutdown

UPDATE: Yesterday, we had reported that the Chinese government officials were taking the onus of the investigation of the 'fake' Apple stores on themselves. Today, it is being reported that two of the rumored five stores in question have been asked to shut shop, following immediate orders. As per reports, the stores have apprently earned the ire of the officials owing to the failure to produce a proper business permit. However, only two of these five stores have been ordered to shut down. Of the three stores, one has applied for a reseller license, hence escaping the shutdown orders.  


The investigations also confirmed the authenticity of the Apple products that were being sold at these fake stores.


Source: Agencies

Just last week, we learned that a fake Apple store was thriving in a city called Kunming in southwest China. It seems that it wasn't just that one store that has been doing good business. According to posts on BirdAbroad , there's actually more than just one "fake-Apple store" that's operating in China. Chinese government officials have been facing heat over mounting pressure concerning the authenticity of these fake stores. As per the latest news from sources, the investigations that are underway, at least preliminarily, will concentrate on business licenses, authorized permits on brand use and the purchase channel of each store.

The sign that gave away the fake store

The fake store..


Over these past few days, call it sudden awareness to one’s immediate surrounding or a sheer attempt to join the whistleblower bandwagon; the blogger BirdAbroad’s site has been flooded with images from across the globe; of Apple stores, which they believe to be fake. Stores across New York, Croatia, and even around Kunming's vicinity have been snapped by readers calling them ‘fake’. These revelations, which have been confirmed as true by a certain employee of the first 'fake' Apple store in Kunming have undoubtedly sent shivers down the spine of the customers of these stores as the credibility of these products is now questionable. Although the authenticity of the stores themselves have come under the scanner, the same hasn't been particularly told about the store's products (which are being claimed to be genuine). Surprisingly, for some buyers the originality of the product is what seeks precedence, over the store’s credibility.


The blog also carries a video, taking  the reader on a tour across the Apple store, believed to be the fake one.


The outcome of the preliminary investigations will be made public soon. This incident, ever since it was first spoken about, has garnered a lot of world attention, considering the popularity of the brand name - Apple. Stay tuned to this space for more information.

Published Date: Jul 26, 2011 01:34 pm | Updated Date: Jul 26, 2011 01:34 pm