Update: IMF Hack May Have U.S. Government Links

Yesterday, we reported about the intergovernmental organization with a crucial bearing on the global financial system, International Monetary Fund being hacked. Further probe into the hack has revealed that the hack into the IMF systems isn’t of a general nature, and that the resources required for a hack of this magnitude would definitely require some serious powerful backing. Even if in hushed tones, it is believed that the entire hack is quite likely a U.S. government orchestration.

Government orchestrated..

Government orchestrated, maybe..


It has been learned that with a view to stealing highly private and confidential data stored away on the IMF’s systems, malicious data was installed. The attack is being increasingly termed as a spear – phishing one, since an infected mail was found to have been sent to targeted accounts. Although, strong statements are being made stating U.S. government presence, IMF, themselves haven’t come out strongly. Some are also calling this the perfect case of defending themselves by blaming the loss on the U.S. government.


Source: BBC News