Update: Hack Hit 80 percent More Accounts Than Citibank Claimed

UPDATE: According to the latest reports, the hack at Citibank affected the security of over 360,000 account holders, a figure that is as much as 80 per cent more than Citibank's initial claims of 210,000. 


In a revelation made today, Citibank confessed that its database has indeed, been hacked. As per the company’s statements, the officials fear the most crucial details to be compromised. The details include the names of the customers, their account numbers, and other contact information, like e-mail addresses. Citibank officials discovered the breach of confidential data in May, during their routine monitoring sessions. The organization, however, stands firm on their claim of the Social Security numbers being safe, in addition to the birthdates or security codes of their customers.

Citi that got hacked..

Citi that got hacked..


Considering the popularity of Citibank and its various services, it wouldn’t take long to conclude that the impact of the hack, although not clearly out yet, will be widespread. Citibank has issued more than 150,000,000 credit cards globally, and if the figures add up, the number impacted by the breach stands very high. Citibank claims that around 1 per cent of its 21 million global customers stand affected from the breach, which still comes to a whopping 210,000 individuals.

The bank, since the revelation has been facing a lot of flak from the customers for keeping them in the dark for so long about the breach.


Source: The Hacker News