Update: Gingerbread ROM Leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Looks like Samsung weren't kidding when their Indian Mobile division tweeted about the Galaxy S getting a Gingerbread update back at the beginning of this month. Samsung’s extremely popular Galaxy S I9000 handset will be granted access into Google’s ‘Gingerbread house’ but the date of offcial Android 2.2.3 release for the device is yet to be announced.

Galaxy S getting Gingerbread love

Galaxy S getting Gingerbread love



According to Polish site Android.com.pl, the Gingerbread update was available for download and the latest update came from a recent post on XDA Developers, who had also been kind enough to post a video on YouTube.  It was to show you how to go about downloading and installing this update on your handset but the original post has been deleted from the forum thus, we found issues with the video too. Seems like someone in the Samsung camp got wind of this "leak" and plugged the hole but quick.


Another option that was spoken off on Neowin.net mentioned that it's sending your handset in to Samsung for “repairs” might just get you a legit update to as the compnay could return the handset to you Gingerbread-ised. We don’t know if that’s applicable for those in the Indian sub-continent though.


For now that’s all we know about the updating adventures for the Galaxy S. For the I9000 Galaxy S users who have taken the plunge before Samsung drianed the pool do let us know how it went.

Published Date: Mar 29, 2011 04:41 pm | Updated Date: Mar 29, 2011 04:41 pm