Upcoming RTS Games of 2010

Quality over quantity seems to be the motto for 2010's RTS titles. 2009 saw some awesome breakthroughs in the genre like the supremely accessible Halo Wars on the Xbox 360 and the more combat-focussed Dawn of War 2 but releases were few and far between. This year seems more of the same with just a handful of real-time strategy games to look forward to.

Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty (PC)

No RTS list is complete without Starcraft 2. With Blizzard employing almost all of the same gameplay mechanics that made the first game such a classic, improved graphics that would finally be in 3D and Havok physics it's bound to keep a lot of old timers happy, be accessible to a lot of newbies and prevent South Korea from waging war on Blizzard.