Under-13 joining limit on Facebook to go

In a move that could potentially add millions of users to the existing 800 million plus stronghold, Facebook, reportedly will ease the age limit for Facebook eligibility. At the moment, those under the age of 13 cannot sign up for Facebook, but the social networking platform has found that those below the age limit sign up for the service, any way, reports The Daily Mail. That being said, however, the report quoted the head of policy in Britain for Facebook, Simon Milner as saying that although the age limit would be gone soon, work on it is far from being in the final leg. Milner was further quoted as saying that owing to legal issues in America, the social networking platform had tied the platform to the under-13 age limit; and added that the same rule applied to all other users, across the world. 


He pointed out further, “There is reputable evidence there are kids under 13 who are lying about their age to get on to Facebook.Some seem to be doing it with their parents' permission and help. We have a strict under-13 rule because of legal issues in America and we apply the same rule all over the world.But a lot of parents are happy their kids are on it.

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Age no bar!



With no age limit, more than one of seven people in the world would be an active Facebook-er. Understandably, the very reason to put an age bar for signing up on Facebook was to protect youngsters from potential dangers that lurk online. In a startling survey commissioned by charity Beatbullying in 2009 it was revealed that one in three British children has been a victim of abuse, while on the Internet, and added that girls were up to four times more likely to be victims of online bullying than boys. The report further highlighted the fact that there were some school bullies who used the platform to form groups, thereby initiating several people to join-in to bully their classmates. 


What do you think of Facebook’s decision to ease off the age limit for signing up? Would you let your kid sign up for the service so early on? Do let us know your views in the comments section below. 

Published Date: May 21, 2012 02:31 pm | Updated Date: May 21, 2012 02:31 pm