Ultra-luxury gadgets: March 2013

Some gadgets are really breathtaking, and so are their price tags. Head over to high-profile manufacturers and you will come across some really luxury and exclusive products. These gadgets are usually flashy, top of the range or limited editions with superior aesthetics and feature set, something you may not find in any local store. The only thing keeping them at bay are their price tags, of course, unless you are insanely rich. We have listed such desirable gadgets that may fall out of league for most of us.

iPad 2 Gold History Edition

iPad 2

A mix of style, tech and history


iPad 2 is a novel device in itself, and who wouldn't love to own it? But Stuart Hughes, known for converting popular Apple devices into shimmering and zazzy products, has given this iPad 2 a luxurious plus historic significance. It isn't simply the usual luxury iPad studded with diamonds and other precious stones. It has its front main frame crafted out of ammolite, i.e the oldest rock world over (sourced from Canada). The ammolite carries sections of a 65 million year old T-REX dinosaur’s thigh bone. The rear side is built of 2 kg of gold, which embeds the Apple logo with 53 sparkling diamonds. We don't think it functions any different from the normal iPad, but should be quite heavy considering the gold used on its rear side. Definitely, not a great portability option. Wait, but who would risk taking this iPad outdoors, considering its outrageous price tag that reads Rs. 41.3cr (£5 million), making it exclusive only for the super-rich kids. And if you are thinking who would really buy it, then let us tell you that there are takers for the limited edition iPad 2 Gold History already. 


MWE Emperor 200 PC Workstation  

Emperor's throne

Emperor's throne


It definitely looks like a modern Emperor’s throne, adding sophistication and comfort to a workstation. Well, it is apt for workaholics who want all the comfort even while working on presentations or shuffling through heaps of documents. The Emperor 200 has some cool features like touchscreen control centre, air filtering system, light therapy, electric-powered leather seat, up to three 27" LED screens and superior audio, making it an ultimate computer workstation. While many would want the Emperor 200 PC workstation to replace their desks, the gigantic sum of $49,150 or approximately Rs 26.67 lakhs may simply put it out of reach.

Hasselblad H4D-200MS


High-resolution camera for highest possible details


Hasselblad’s H4D camera range appears to be a photographer’s dream. One of its high resolution camera is the H4D-200MS featuring a 50MP sensor and 200MP Multi-Shot Technology. This camera is handy when you need to capture extremely large or extremely close shots with the highest detail possible. It builds on the technology and success of the H4D-50MS and uses Hasselblad’s proprietary multi-shot capture technology, applying a clever technical solution to bring 200 megapixel resolution. In fact, it is three cameras in one, adding functionalities from the previous models such as the H4D-50 and the H4D-50MS. Some of its features include 36.7 x 49.1 mm CCD Sensor, True focus, Ultra focus, digital lens correction and 3-inch display. With a range of top of the line features, this camera is going to set you back roughly about $35,000, which amounts to around 19 lakhs.


Megatrend MKII speakers


Tall, high-profile speakers (Image Source)


If you are a crazy music fiend or love hosting parties which are all about loud snappy music, then you may just love to own this device. It’s one of the most desirable gadgets for those who can groove to music anytime, anywhere. The only thing that could keep you away from these speakers is its hefty price tag of $80,000, which is approximately Rs. 43.45 lakhs. You’ll get a pair of seven feet tall and over 3 feet wide speakers for that price. Yes, which means you also have to own a huge mansion to place them. It comes with 24 eight-inch woofers and an accompanying ribbon-line speaker tower for the high end. The Megatrend MKII uses a dipole system that doesn’t rely on a cabinet case and delivers superior sound with only an eight-inch baffle.

SIM2 Fuoriserie


A high-end projector plus home theatre


This plush projector by Italian designer SIM2 can be used as a high-performance home theatre system. Making its debut at the CES this year, this powerful and exclusive projector has the latest, finest and most carefully selected components, each of which have been thoroughly tested. The projector has been dipped in shiny red hue and reflects pristine, aesthetic designs. It isn't just about classy looks, as the projector comes with superior features such as an 80 percent dimmable lamp (330W UHP) for daytime and theatre viewing, 3D capabilities with active glasses, brightness up to 5000 ANSI Lumens, lens memory for zoom, DCI colour gamut and more. Only 30 limited units of this top-of-the-line projector are being made available, each priced at a whooping Rs 54.28 lakhs ($100,000).

Spyder ST Limited


Three-wheeled luxury touring vehicle



Though not a device, we couldn't keep this piece of technology out of our list. The 2013 Can-Am Spyder ST Limited is a three-wheeled luxury touring machine. So, if you have approximately Rs 13.35 lakhs ($24,599 - starting price) or above to spare and comfort matters to you no matter which vehicle you are riding, then the Spyder ST is really cool. The mean machine makes heads turn with its 12-spoke chrome front rims along with several others elements that directly place it in the top-notch class. Spyder ST super-comfy ride comes with a handy Garmin Zumo 660 navigation system, Bluetooth capabilities, AM/FM radio and a 12V power outlet. It is fuelled by a 998cc V-Twin Rotax engine with 100 BHP and 80 ft-lbs (108 Nm) torque to smoothly take you through fast turns. It also comes with a semi-automatic 5-speed gearbox with reverse.

Opus Eleven     


Deconstructs time



This watch is an ingenious piece of architecture and technology with limited 111 pieces, each priced at $250,000, which amounts to approximately Rs 1.35cr. It has three overlapping cylinders on three levels to deconstruct time. Adjacent to the hours domain are two pavilions – one showing the minutes on a jumping disk as well as units in the running disk, while the other displays the regular beat of a big titanium balance-wheel. The mechanism on which the watch works almost turns it into a puzzle that is solved at every hour. The numeral of the hour, assembled in the centre of the circle, turns into a chaos before instantly reassembling as the new hour. It stays still until the next disintegration. In the watch mechanism, 24 placards revolve and rotate on a complicated system of gears mounted on an epicycloidal gear-train. Sounds complex and fun, doesn't it?

Diamond encrusted Beats by Dre




These celebrity diamond-encrusted Beats By Dre headphones are all about bling. Making their presence felt at t the Super Bowl 2012 as Sky Blu from LMFAO wore them during his performance with Madonna at halftime, they’ve become quite popular ever since. Later, American rapper Lil Wayne was also spotted wearing them at an event. You need to be filthy rich with $1 million to burn in order to own these headphones with 114 carats of Graff diamonds. Yes, 1 million, which is a huge sum and could probably buy you a villa or a yacht.

While these tech-imbued devices made it to our list of gadgets for March 2013, let’s see what catches our attention next month.

Which one among these is your most desirable gadget?

Published Date: Mar 30, 2013 13:31 PM | Updated Date: Mar 30, 2013 13:31 PM