Ubuntu is now available on the Windows Store, SUSE and Fedora to follow soon

Windows Insider users can now install Ubuntu on Windows from the Windows Store. The application is available for free, and allows for the use of Ubuntu Terminal and Ubuntu command line utilities including bash, ssh, git, apt and dpkg. Everyone will be able to install Ubuntu on Windows after the roll out of the Fall Creators Update. According to a blog post by Microsoft, the work on Fedora and SUSE is nearing completion, and both the distributions are expected to be available on the Windows store in the near future.

Windows already has a limited implementation of Ubuntu on Windows, with the bash functionality. Windows encourages users to backup their data and move to the new application, as support for the legacy version will be discontinued at some point. Users can install multiple Linux distributions at once, and even run them all concurrently. Users are soon expected to get the ability to physically move around the files related to Linux distribution within the operating system, but this functionality is not available at the moment.

After installation, users will activate Windows subsystem for Linux, and restart the machine. Once the application is set up, Ubuntu can be started with an "ubuntu" command in the command prompt. Ubuntu on Windows is only available for the x64 architecture.

Published Date: Jul 11, 2017 19:56 PM | Updated Date: Jul 11, 2017 19:56 PM