Ubisoft releases Tower Bridge trailer for ZombiU

One of the biggest launch titles for Nintendo’s upcoming next-generation console is ZombiU by Ubisoft. The game puts you in the shoes of a survivor in the wake of a zombie apocalypse that’s hit the world. Ubisoft has released a new trailer for the game that shows some of the gameplay and level design.


The game is set in London and has unique features thanks to the Wii U’s touchscreen controller. You can use the touchscreen to scope out enemies with sniper rifles, lockpick doors, and find hidden doors and passageways. Ubisoft has earlier mentioned that character deaths in the game are set to be permanent. The only way you’ll be able to see your dead character is as a zombie while you try to get your old backpack back.

Nintendo seems to be really focusing on the touchscreen on its controller for the console. Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo hopes that the Wii U’s innovative GamePad controller with the screen will help the console be different from what Microsoft or Sony would be doing, and hopes to change the way people think about a gaming console.

ZombiU will make interesting use of the Wii U controller

The London Bridge is falling down to zombies


With the Wii U, Nintendo promises that it won’t miss out on multiplatform games, because the hardware will be much closer to what Sony and Microsoft will have to offer. "We have not successfully kept the momentum of the Wii for about the last two years because third-party publishers have released a smaller number of game titles and Nintendo has also decreased new games for the platform in preparation for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U," said Iwata at an annual meeting with shareholders.

According to an earlier report, Nikkei, a Japanese business newspaper, had claimed that the Wii U will release for about ¥30,000, which is Rs 21,000 approximately. For the sake of comparison, the PlayStation 3, 160GB model has an MSRP of ¥24,980 (around Rs 17,600), and the Wii's MSRP is ¥20,000 (roughly Rs 14,000) in Japan. The newspaper also reports that the Wii U will support non-game content, including a car navigator, books and a karaoke service with around 10,000 songs. An unnamed senior publisher spoke with MCV UK, stating that the Wii U will definitely be less than £249.


The rumours were put to rest when Nintendo announced the official pricing and release date of the console. The Wii U, launching in Japan on 8 December 2012, will have two versions: the 'Basic' white-coloured system and the 'Premium' black-coloured system. The Basic version will come with 8GB of flash memory and cost 26,250 Yen (around Rs 18,700), and the Premium version will come with 32GB of flash memory and a subscription to Nintendo Network Premium, and will cost 31,500 Yen (Rs 22,500 approximately).

Published Date: Oct 13, 2012 05:35 pm | Updated Date: Oct 13, 2012 05:35 pm