Ubisoft releases new screenshots for Assassin's Creed III

Ubisoft has released a few new screenshots for its upcoming flagship title – Assassin’s Creed III – according to Stick Twiddlers. The screenshots showcase some of the goodness of the latest Anvil Engine powering the game, along with characters from the multiplayer mode of the game defeating many colonial soldiers in what looks like an outfit made from a bear.

The screenshots also show some of the environments of the game, ranging from a lush countryside to the harsh winters of America. In one of the screenshots, we get another look at the King of the Hill typed multiplayer game mode set in a winter map.

Recently, Ubisoft released a trailer that showed some of the story of the protagonist of the game – Connor. His origin story seems to follow the classic “they burnt my village down so I must have my revenge” storyline we’ve already seen in countless other games. The trailer also hints at things such as betrayals and plot twists that are pretty much on par with the course of the series.

Assassin’s Creed III is all set to have some new gameplay mechanics to help the protagonist with better travel environments. Players can use parkour to travel through trees, whereas the new combat system allows the capability to dual-wield weapons. The game also shows off the new Anvil engine that allows for a large number of characters to be on screen.

The Assassin’s Creed series deals with a secret war that has lasted millennia between the Assassins and the Templars. The Assassins seek to fight for the free will of people, while the Templars seek to control them. The first game was set during the Holy Crusades in Jerusalem. Protagonist Altaïr ibn-La'Ahad would have to jump from rooftops and sneak into groups of people in order to find and assassinate his targets.

The second game was set during the Renaissance era in Florence. The main protagonist of the II series of games – Assassin’s Creed II, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin’s Creed: Revelations – is Ezio Auditore. The II series of games dealt with the evolution of Ezio as a character, who starts out as a revenge-driven teenager only to become a highly-skilled master of Assassin. Altaïr also makes an appearance in Revelation, showing the aged assassin’s last few days. The secondary protagonist of the series is Desmond Miles, who is accessing his 'genetic memory' to live the lives of his Ancestors Altaïr and Ezio so he can get some of their skills through something referred to as the 'bleeding effect'. This will help Desmond stand up to the Templars in the present time and stop their plans for world domination.

Recently, the developers of the game had talked about one of the DLCs (downloadable content) that the game will be getting that deals with an alternate history 'what if' story. The DLC will follow Connor’s quest to take down George Washington after he has succumbed to the temptations of infinite power.

The DLC is set to be a single player campaign that will be split into three episodes. The season pass for the Evil George Washington DLC (not the official name) is set to cost 2400 Microsoft points on Xbox Live and $30 (around Rs 1,560) on the other platforms. The season pass will include all three episodes as well as multiplayer DLC that will feature new maps and characters.

Earlier, Ubisoft had talked about the DLC during the Eurogamer Expo. "We know that not everyone will buy it," Assassin's Creed 3 director Alex Hutchinson said. "So it's a 'what the f***' chunk of story that, if you missed it, the next game will still make sense."

Assassin's Creed III will be released for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 30, and the PC version will be released on November 20.

Published Date: Oct 08, 2012 12:50 pm | Updated Date: Oct 08, 2012 12:50 pm