Uber fires APAC head for accessing medical reports of Indian rape survivor

Uber, one of the largest cab aggregators in India, has removed Asia Pacific Business Head, Eric Alexander, for having access to the medical report  of the woman who was raped on December 2014 by Shiv Kumar Yadav, a former Uber driver.

The announcement of Alexander's removal comes at a time when 20 employees of this app based cab company were fired on grounds of sexual harassment, misbehaviour, existing sexism and mismanagement in the workplace. The investigation was carried out by two law firms Perkins Coie and Covington & Burling. According to Recode, the incident saw the light of the day when it was the amongst the 215 grievances that were reported.

It is also reported that Uber's CEO, Travis Kalanick, and the senior vice president Emil Michael also went through the report and were in disbelief whether a rape could have happened. According to Recode, the top executives were considering the situation that Ola, their rival ride hailing company, could have done this to ruin their reputation. When this idea was shared with other workers of the company many were left disturbed, especially the manner in which the case was handled.

According to reports, Alexander was confirmed to be guilty by two law firms Perkin Coe and Covington & Burling. It also says that it is still not certain whether Alexander received these files legally, since he is no medical training to read such a report. Recode has also reported that Alexander had the medical report, which was a part of the criminal investiagtion and which he had 'carried around for a year'. Recode furthur reported, that he had "obtained the report and destroyed his copy, according to the sources. It’s not clear if Uber continues to have a copy"

In 2014, after the incident the Delhi government had banned various cab aggregator companies like Ola. It had also cancelled the licence of Uber. However, by early 2015, the Delhi high court revoked the order and Uber was back on the roads.


Published Date: Jun 08, 2017 15:04 PM | Updated Date: Jun 08, 2017 15:04 PM