U.S. judge dismisses some Apple patent claims

Here’s some relief to Samsung in the ongoing Apple-Samsung legal limbo over patents. According to a report by Bloomberg, a federal court judge in California has simmered down the accusations made by Apple over Samsung trying to replicate the former’s products. It all started in April when Apple accused Samsung of building the Galaxy series by imitating Apple devices.


Samsung gets some relief

Samsung gets some relief




The U.S. District judge Lucy Koh from San Jose, California has discarded Apple’s claims over Samsung misinterpreting the license over certain patents. Furthermore, Koh also asserted Samsung’s request to put off some antitrust claims by Apple. Apple would need to amend its complaint to put forth the claims. Apple’s demand to stop Galaxy device sales in the U.S. (they are claimed to violate Apple patents) didn’t get a nod either.

Though this brings home some relief to Samsung, the battle seemingly isn’t over yet. The stiffening competition in the mobile segment could probably worsen it.

Published Date: Oct 28, 2011 03:06 pm | Updated Date: Oct 28, 2011 03:06 pm