Two years after killing off Buzz, Google to move all your posts to Drive

Remember Google Buzz? Yes, the predecessor of modern day Google+ that ended up dying a rather gory death during the company’s infamous spring cleaning. Google is finally laying the product – that was killed in 2011, only a year after its launch – to rest by starting to save all the Google Buzz posts onto Google Drive.

In an email to all Google Buzz users, the search giant has announced that starting July 17, it will start backing up all the posts made by them on the micro-blogging and messaging site to its Drive. You need not worry about your storage limits, especially if you were a one-time power user of Buzz. These backed up files will not count against your storage limits.

Buzz is back, in your Drive

Buzz is back, in your Drive


Google will store two types of Buzz files in your Drive. The first type of file will only be accessible to you and will be completely private. This will consist of snapshots of public and private posts you had made on Google Buzz while the service was still active. The second file will contain public posts you had made on Google Buzz.

The second type of file will by default be visible to everyone and may even appear in search results and on your Google Profile, in case you’ve linked it to your Buzz posts. If you have Buzz links floating around on the Interwebz, they will redirect users to this file.

Any comments that you have made on your family or friends’ Buzz posts will be saved straight to their files and not yours. It’s finally up to the author to make a private post public and vice versa. You can avoid your comments going public by deleting all your Buzz content now. Your Drive will contain comments from users who had previously enabled Buzz. If you had deleted comments before moving your data to Drive, they will not appear in it.

“Once the files are created, they will be treated the same as any other Drive file. They are yours to do with as you please. This includes downloading them, updating who can access them, or deleting them,” says Google.

If you’re thinking, “Google Buzz, who?” and don’t remember the potentially embarrassing posts you have made on the Google service, you can check them out here and choose to delete it too.


Published Date: May 25, 2013 15:30 PM | Updated Date: May 25, 2013 15:30 PM